Bugis Street 三画二郎情(又名  妖街皇后)

Yonfan楊凡|Hong Kong香港|1995|98’ |English & Mandarin英語&國語
HIEP Thi Le姚志麗|Michael LAM林偉亮|Greg-O胡森林|Ernest SEAH余健順

About Story

Marking his move to shoot a trilogy of gay-themed films, BUGIS STREET was a groundbreaking film for Yonfan. Shot on location in Singapore, Bugis Junction/Bugis Street were long known to locals as the center of the real nightlife there. It was where one could find local transvestites, prostitutes, and transsexuals mixing it up with both Singapore’s high society and underground gay culture together with US sailors and soldiers on military leave. The film features actress HIEP Thi Le in her first role right after her film debut in Oliver Stone’s Heaven and Earth. The film featured and costarred many of the real local characters from Bugis Street. The film also marked Yonfan’s first collaboration with Fruit CHAN who served as screen writer and later went on to become a renowned director in his own right.


透過一個天真無邪的十六歲女孩的眼睛去看這個光怪陸離悲與歡的地,她未曾見過世面,純情且天真,為著生活, 只好到一間破落的酒店做下人,給她遇上各式各樣的人,其中不乏美男女,因緣際會,讓她了解到他們身邊的故事,起初她極之抗拒,但隨著時間的過去,她開始解開自己,真正了解到她/他們的內心世界,接受她/他們,更認識了自由的可貴和意義