In Between 新同居時代

Yonfan楊凡| Sylvia CHANG張艾嘉| Samson CHIU趙良駿
Hong Kong香港|1994|111’|Cantonese粵語
WU Chien-lien吳倩蓮|Sylvia CHANG張艾嘉|Maggie CHEUNG張曼玉
Jan LAMB林海峰|Nicky WU吳奇隆|Winston CHAO趙文瑄

About Story

Three stories by three directors, all with a common theme: conjugal affairs in the ever-changing sexual landscape of Hong Kong. The trio of tales is loosely connected by having the protagonists share a luxury flat. Director Samson CHIU's "Star Hunter" depicts a philandering hairdresser (Jan LAMB) who finally meets his match (WU Chien-lien) and discovers love isn't what it's cracked up to be. Yonfan's "Lonely Hearts Club" is a special delight with its balance of comedy and humanity in the May-December affair between a young stockbroker (Nicky WU) and his boss's soon-to-be ex-wife (Sylvia CHANG). The fun continues in the final chapter, the Sylvia CHANG-directed "Unwed Mother" and a sparkling turn by Maggie CHEUNG as a pregnant lady unsure over the identity of the baby's father. The sum of its 3 parts is a multi-faceted look at love, Hong Kong style, and a revealing glimpse of urban morals in the twilight of the 20th century.



年輕小伙子 Steven(吳奇隆飾)籍着「寂莫之心」電話徵友胎務而邂逅了美麗而不可捉換的Anna(張艾嘉飾),兩人產生啲一段靈與慾同居故事。

在愛情路上徘徊的Co Co(張曼玉飾),發覺自己的肚裡有了小生命,卻不知孩子的父親是同居的男人或是那次偶遇的男人,隨著肚子越來越大,使迷網的她找到了她真正想要的答案。