About Yonfan


Yonfan states his motion pictures share an underlying theme of passion. A true auteur, his films are entirely self-produced, directed, written, and distributed.

Yonfan began directing features in 1984, often for his own production company Far Sun Films, and has worked in Hong Kong, Singapore. China and Japan. He has made a total of thirteen movies, set in various periods and locales, first receiving international notice at the Berlin International Film Festival with the gay-themed drama, Bishonen. His subsequent film, the Chinese opera-based "Peony Pavilion", was named one of the year's Ten Best by Time Magazine in 2002, and garnered Rie Miyazawa the Best Actress award at the Moscow International Film Festival. His last feature, Prince of Tears, was Hong Kong's selection to compete in the Oscar race for Best Foreign Language Film, and was selected for competition at the 2009 Venice International Film Festival.

He is also an acclaimed writer and photographer, his publishing credits including numerous volumes of essays, fiction, and photographic collections.

Filmograhy as Director

1984 A Certain Romance
1985 Story of Rose
1986 Immortal Story
1987 Double Fixation
1988 Last Romance
1990 Promising Miss Bowie
1993 In Between
1995 Bugis Street
1998 Bishonen
2001 Peony Pavilion
2003 Breaking the Willow
2004 Colour Blossoms
2009 Prince of Tears


自 1973 年回港後,即成為知名時裝及人物攝影家,其攝影作品曾發表於 Vogue、Harper's Bazaar、倫敦泰晤士報及港台各大報刊,並出版過《一個攝影家鏡下的巴黎–1978》、《少年遊–1980》、《西藏行–1981》、《楊凡十年–1983》及《美麗傳說1991》等攝影集。

1984 年,拍成首部電影作品《少女日記》,即奠定其唯美、浪漫的強烈個人風格。後自組公司 花生映社 發行多部歐洲名作。

1999 年以《美少年之戀》獲米蘭國際同志電影節最佳影片。

2001 年《遊園驚夢》為 宮澤里惠 奪得莫斯科影后、楊凡榮膺國際影評人大獎、及被《時代週刊》特選世界十大最佳影片。

《鳳冠情事》獲邀作為 2003 年威尼斯影展觀摩電影。
《桃色》獲邀作為 2005 年柏林影展觀摩電影。


1984 少女日記
1985 玫瑰的故事
1986 海上花
1987 意亂情迷
1988 流金歲月
1990 祝福
1993 新同居時代
1995 妖街皇后
1998 美少年之戀
2001 遊園驚夢
2003 鳳冠情事
2004 桃色
2009 淚王子